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Pure Performance Group welcomes your comments regarding your experience with our programs. We want to hear what you thought of our training and therapy services. Please leave your comments and let others know how effective the outcome was. If you are thinking of hopping on board and utilizing PPG’s programs please read through past clients' testimonials to see what they thought of our services. If you have any questions please get in contact with us right away.



As a Crossfit athlete and coach, I am constantly pushing my body to do more. I have tried all of the traditional methods to relax and recover my muscles, from ice baths to massages. Nothing has compared to the stretch therapy I received from Sondi. Not only does Fascial Stretch Therapy help my muscles recover from rigorous workouts, but it also helps to improve my mobility. Sondi is a consummate professional and extremely skilled and knowledgeable Fascial Stretch Therapist. I would recommend her to any athlete, fitness instructor, or any person looking to relieve aches and tightness in

their muscles.

- David M., Owner and Crossfit Level 1 Coach at Signal 5 CrossFit



Trying to sustain constant growth in mobility and flexibility while pushing the body to get bigger/stronger is ultimately every athlete's fight.  Since I can remember, it's been a struggle for me as an athlete, coach, and even in to assist in everyday life activities.  Because of this battle, I'm always looking for new and effective ways to enhance my mobility.  When Sondi introduced me to Fascial Stretch Therapy, I was 1 day removed from a pretty vigorous workout, and I was extremely sore.  I was amazed by the relief that I felt after the session and how lasting the stretch was.  More importantly, Sondi's knowledge of FST and the human body was extremely noticeable becase of her explanation of each stretch and what I was gaining from it.  I would recommend Sondi to athlete's of all levels!

-Corey D., Owner and Crossfit Level 1 Coach at Signal 5 CrossFit and CrossFit Condor

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